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Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are an effective way for local businesses to increase their visibility and generate new leads. With LSAs, there is no upfront cost or monthly fee, which means that businesses only pay for successful leads. This pay-per-success model ensures that businesses are only paying for actual leads, rather than just clicks or impressions.

One of the key benefits of LSAs is that calls go directly to the agent's phone, allowing for quick and easy follow-up with potential clients. Additionally, businesses can dispute unqualified leads, which helps to ensure that they are only paying for high-quality leads. In fact, LSAs have some of the highest conversion rates in the industry, with as much as 20% of leads going into escrow. This means that businesses can be confident that they are getting real, interested customers who are ready to do business. Overall, LSAs are a cost-effective and efficient way for local businesses to reach new customers and grow their business.

Local Service Ads offer a low-risk option for businesses looking to generate new leads without upfront costs. With a pay-per-success model and high-quality leads, businesses can see great results without having to invest any money upfront.


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