Rainbox Digital

The Story Behind

Rainbox Digital

Reputable, Transparent & Unparalleled Support

Our mission is to empower agencies with the knowledge, skills and service to confidently and profitably sell Google Ads management to their clients, thus making them and their clients more money in the process. Our goal is to be the first and
only brand you think of when it comes to PPC advertising.

One Company

Four Reasons.


We always do right by our clients and seek to only do things in their best interest. All decisions are put through the lens of “will this help our client”.


Our goal is the have the premier reputation in our industry and for our brand to be the only choice when it comes to PPC.

Thought Leadership

We strive to create the highest quality Google Ads tutorials. Our aim is to demystify the Google Ads platform and supply our clients with the sales and marketing materials to win deals and grow local businesses in the process.

Stellar Service

We offer lightning fast response times for existing clients, sales training, documentation and support, campaign audits for prospective clients, budget recommendations and everything you’ll need to close more deals and increase profits.